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Our Services

 Health, Safety & Environmental Expertise in Training & Consultancy

  • First Aid at Work Training (FAIB)

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Training (FAIB)

  • CPR & Defibrillator Training

  • Health & Safety Consultancy 

  • COSHH & Hazardous Substances Specialism

  • Health & Safety Training

  • Environmental Management Consultancy

  • Waste Sampling, Testing & Classification

  • WAMITAB CoTC Cover

  • Contaminated Land Investigation

  • Waste & Environmental Expert Witness

  • Post-Conviction Support & Regulator Liaison

Gosport, Hampshire

 Moira, Northern Ireland

Ayr, Scotland


FAIB Accredited Qualifications
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A First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) accredited training provider, Sustain Ltd has provided First Aid training to a range of clients throughout the UK since 2008.


Our First Aid at Work courses fulfil the needs of employers to meet the requirements, for adequate and appropriate provision of first aiders in the workplace, of:

  • The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981

  • The Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1982 (as amended)


Our trainers and assessors include former and practising NHS staff, Health & Safety professionals, teachers and workplace and event first aiders. Our training approach is practical, informal and skills-based and has been consistently commented upon by our clients, for well over a decade now.

With bases in Moira (Northern Ireland), Gosport (Hampshire) and Ayr (Scotland), training is available at client or third party venues and, in addition, we can accommodate groups at our own premises in Moira, Northern Ireland.

Accredited courses in workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing, or First Aid for Mental Health as it is often referred to, provide practical tools for recognising and managing impact to employees.

Course attendees are provided with the tools to recognise various mental health impacts, provide guidance on resources and treatment and to develop mental health action plans for the workplace.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Training from Sustain Ltd is FAIB Accredited and available at 3 levels:

  • Half Day

  • 1 Day

  • 2 Day

FAIB Accredited




Sustain Ltd provides a range of services in Environmental Management with specialism in waste management.

Consultancy and training are available to clients requiring expertise in compliance with legislation and statutory authorisations including PPC/Environmental Permits, Waste Management Licenses/Exemptions and Planning and Land Use.

Having worked professionally in the areas in which we offer consultancy and training, we pride ourselves in understanding the needs of the client in relation to a cost effective and practical service.

Health & Safety expertise is a feature of the work of Sustain Ltd.


Assistance is available to clients in the development of policies, risk assessments and management systems for compliance with legislation and for periodic or post-incident review.

Training for staff is also available to assist clients in the development of in-house expertise to help them manage their own Health & Safety responsibilities.



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Environmental Expertise For The Legal Profession

Sustain Ltd provides expert reporting and research services to the legal profession in cases relating to waste management and contaminated land.


Historically, input has been provided for magistrate and crown court cases involving breaches of waste licensing/permitting, contamination of land and waters and impact of pollution to associated receptors.

In addition to expert services, guidance to clients on appointment of environmental lawyers and associated legal professionals can be provided.

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