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Environmental & Waste Consultancy
By Sustain

Consultancy and training support is provided by Sustain Ltd in Environmental and Waste Management to clients throughout UK

  • Applications and variations for Environmental Permitting/PPC, Water Discharge Consents, Waste Management Licences/Exemptions and associated EA authorisations

  • Sampling, testing and reporting for waters, wastes and soils under Environmental Permit/PPC authorisations and Waste Management Licences/Exemptions

  • Environmental and waste management input into Planning and Land Use applications

  • Waste Sampling and Classification

  • End of Waste applications for the construction and recycling sectors

  • Contaminated Land investigation



Training in Environmental & Waste management is available at client or third party premises, or online via Zoom, on a 3hr or 6hr basis on:

  • Environmental obligations for an organisation

  • Identifying and targeting Environmental Aspects of an organisation

  • Environmental & Waste legislation for operations

  • Duty of Care for management of waste

  • Waste identification and classification


Bespoke training is also available where clients wish to tailor the content of the course to their individual organisation needs, based upon their own specific risks and/or existing procedures.


In addition to consultancy and training, Sustain Ltd provides CoTC Cover for Waste Management facilities, for technically competent management including:

  • Inert & Non-Hazardous Landfill

  • Inert & Non-Hazardous Treatment Sites

  • Inert, Non-Hazardous & Hazardous Waste Transfer Stations

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